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Building Solutions is a project leader, process manager and technical advisor for real estate and facility development programs, building assessments and facility problem-solving. We give commercial real estate owners, educational institutions and municipalities a road map for maximizing the value of their real estate, from pre-acquisition due diligence and facility and energy auditing, to sustainability and operations improvement programs. We also implement the plans, as project and program managers. Our experience and deep technical expertise, and our reputation for attention to detail and customer service, make us the preferred choice for clients throughout the United States.




Clean Air

Indoor Air Quality Assessment for Facilities 


At Building Solutions, we have spent the last year developing a long-term solution to respiratory health

threats for a number of educational institutions across the United States. We have formed a Respiratory Health Advisory Council comprised of Health Care Professionals, MEP experts, ASHRAE standard writers, designers and educators.


Long before President Biden announced in December 2020, we had begun deploying our “Clean Air” program to schools all over the country. The Clean Air program creates a roadmap to bring your system into compliance with ASHRAE standard 62.1, at your pace. Read more about Clean Air here.



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